Happiest When Wandering

Follow us as we attempt to find ourselves in every quiet corner that this beautiful universe has to offer. Now NZ / Later The World!


It seems a little self indulgent to have an About section on a blog dedicated entirely to being about us, but when in Rome…

Emmy – my little intrepid spirit. Sand, snow, and mud lover, adores horses like Nana, baking like Nan, and finding beautiful places like Mummy. Can’t yet write our surname, but can operate the GPS on my S5 and faultlessly repeat any directions that I miss. Dreams about normal toddler things: doing the Tongariro Crossing (completed March 2016 aged barely 3), attempting the Stairs to Heaven when we get to Hawaii next year, visiting the Eiffel Tower because it matches her Monopoly World Edition playing token, and living off chocolate coated pretzels and processed cheese slices. Finds inspiration in the strong women she is blessed to have in her life, Tinkerbell, world maps, candy unwrapping clips on YouTube, Kmart, and promises to never be as naughty as Saruman (yes, she is my soulmate).  Fun, funny, sweet, kind, determined, interesting and interested, story teller, dream chaser, all round adorable adventurer.

Me – lucky to be Mummy to the coolest Emmy I’ve ever met. Writer, blogger, endometriosis, PCOS, c-section scar, and one regrettable tattoo out of three. Too selfish to have a puppy, dream of singing our national anthem at Eden Park for an All Blacks vs Wallies game, in love with Emmy and my guitar, addicted to  travelling the world one tiny town at a time, and becoming quite skilled at travel bargain hunting. Self confessed geek: love reading, filing tax returns, perfectly folded linen, obsessed with LOTR but not enough to speak Elvish, also love Harry Potter, and refuse to watch Star Wars just in case I love that too. Used to have life goals based on money as the measure. Now our life goals include buying a campervan, living as freely as possible, travelling every State Highway in NZ,collecting nothing but photo’s and passport stamps, learning the languages of everyone we meet, and writing our way around the globe. Surprisingly shy, slightly awkward, more interested in the walk than the talk, loud (sometimes obnoxious) rugby fan, all round kiwi adventurer.

Follow us as we muddle through single parenting life, and as we clamber through situations we need to think ourselves out of, and as we fall in love with new places and fall in love with each other a little more in the process.

Emmy & Me